Mebelplast S.A., established in 1988, is a Company with Polish capital only. Over the years, Mebelplast has become the leading Polish manufacturer and exporter of high quality upholstered furniture.
For many years Mebelplast has been growing, mainly on the basis of exports to Western European countries. Currently, its products are exported to European Union markets and to the US. Since 2005 the company has been diversifying sales and expanding in the local market. Nearly 30% of the furniture manufactured by Mebelplast is sold in Poland through a chain of proprietary and partner Livingroom stores.
Mebelplast possesses over 400 models of sofas, couches and armchairs in many combinations of forms in its offer. The collection of upholstery fabrics exceeds 1500 textiles and a variety of leathers. The Mebelplast collection consists of the lines:

- Lounge (lightness, ease and imagination)
- Residence (elegance, simplicity and convenience)
- Country (tradition, comfort and style)
- Sweet dreams (comfort, elegance in the bedroom, functionality).

 During the year 1999 and 2000, the Company obtained ISO certificates covering the quality, environment and occupational safety and hygiene management systems. Mebelplast has so far been awarded numerous prizes and awards.

Our clients throughout Europe and beyond:

»    Atlas Verband 
»    Begros Verband
»    Hans Segmüller GmbH & Co.KG
»    Multipolster GmbH
»    Die Wäscherei- Das Mobelhaus Tristan Einrichtung GmbH
»    MI Lesnina
»    Idea Furniture CO
»    Leiner
»    Kika
»    Mokana Meubelen
»    Fapio